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  CD & DVD Printing Templates
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CD DVD Printing Templates

We offer  superb quality silkscreen printing and offset printing capabilities. Whether it’s a 1 colour, or full colour gradient image  your customers are sure to be impressed . 

Below you will find templates to assist you with your design requirements. Please read the tips to assist you in your design and submission processes.

The most common problems that occur with CD/DVD artwork are: a) Low Resolution ie  72dpi instead of 300dp. b) No bleed - Artwork must have 1/8 bleed beyond its borders. c) Flattened Image - Artwork and template must be on separate layers. d) Linked graphics not supplied. e) Fonts not supplied or not converted to outlines

Tips for Designing on templates: 

The minimum text size for screen printing is 6pt. Be sure you are using software that is compatible with the file types of our templates. This will ensure a correct and quality end product.

Check to see if the template you are using in your design,  coincides with the product that you are ordering (ie: TRU Photo Finish, DVD Entrapment, CD Jewel Case)

Start designing your artwork on a separate layer; or in a manner in which you are able to keep your artwork and our template separate.

Acceptable file formats are PDF (.pdf), Adobe Photoshop (.psd)


Tips for submitting artwork to Freeman Productions

Check that your artwork resolution is 300 dpi  for all images. Anything higher than 300 dpi is not necessary.

In your final submission, the template must be underneath or removed from your artwork. If your artwork is submitted in a flatted file (not recommended) what you see is exactly what will print.Bleed is mandatory for all artwork types. For correct printing of your fonts, please make sure that all text is converted to paths or curves

If using a program that allows you to link images to your artwork, please embed your images. (including the image files with your artwork is also an option if you are unable to embed them.)Lastly a physical printed version should be provided as a reliable reference so that we can match it to it as closely as possible.

Download Templates
Disc templates
          22mm full size
          40mm full size
          Business Card
          Mini Disc
Case templates
         Jewel case insert - two panel
         Jewel case insert - four panel
         Jewel case insert - six panel
         Jewel case try card
         DVD case insert
         DVD entrapment
Templates in PDF format.
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