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CD Duplication

With 15 years of production experience Freeman Productions knows what designers, musicians, film makers, software developers, ad agencies and business's expect from CD Duplication.

Freeman Productions can duplicate tens of thousands of CD's on demand, so that you have your premium quality finished product in your hands in just a few days. CD Duplication has never been easier.

CD duplication varies widely depending on the quality of the equipment and blank media used to create the discs. We know that your business reputation depends on top quality CD duplication, that's why we use the best quality grade "A" CD/DVD blank media available for our short run CD/ DVD duplication projects.

It's service with a smile. Fast, efficient and most of all professional. We're serious about deadlines and customer service. With our highly competitive prices it's real value for your money.

We have a range of different packaging and printing options available to suite your pocket. Be sure to have a look at our CD & DVD Packaging Page

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